Soil Health = Food Quality

…Locally Grown…Sustainable…Freshly Picked… Chemical-Free…

Food quality is directly connected to the health of the soil in which it is grown.  We see our farm as a whole living system, where it’s elements work together to build and maintain soil fertility.  Through a careful program of balanced crop rotation, composting and cover cropping system, we are farming for future generations!

Today we received our seasons green manure crop shipment, which prompted this post.  The green manure grows very quickly and will flower in about a month after its planted.  It provides a great source of food for bees, smells great, and the early pea shoots taste great in stir fry’s.  The green manure will be tilled in and our soil nutrients will be improved.

This year we will also be offering composting buckets to all our members and ask them to return vegetable peelings, egg shells, and coffee grounds, etc. which will further contribute to our soil health. These are just a few of the things that we can do to give back and keep improving what comes from our farm.