Plant Nursery

We started growing perennial plants commercially in 2017. Our first plant nursery sales began in earnest during the spring of 2018. Our goal is to provide Juneau hardy perennial and vegetable plants that thrive in our cool rainy climate. These plants, grown at our nursery, have been singled out for their beauty and resilience. Our growing them is your assurance that they are tried and true. While we specialize primarily in Primroses, we do offer a huge selection that will keep your garden blooming from spring through fall.

Aside from our diverse perennial collection, we also a huge selection of organic vegetable plants, organic herbs, and hanging herb, nasturtium and strawberry baskets. 

We offer garden consultations and landscaping services. We especially enjoy re-invigorating gardens by diving perennials that have outgrown their spaces and crowded their neighbors. Please call or text 907-723-6353 to schedule an appointment.