Types of CSA Memberships

Our promise to you is that our fresh organic herbs and vegetables are harvested on the same day that you are scheduled to pick them up.  Our same day harvest assures that you received the best in taste, quality and sustainability. We will make every effort to be flexible, if there are certain vegetables that you do not like we can offer substitutes.

The Sunny Slope Organic Farm CSA Membership is a wonderful option for those who value fresh, local, organic produce.  Our weekly shares provide the highest quality herbs and vegetables in season for a household of your choice.

CSA Shares- Full, Half, Community

$780 – Full Share – A full share is ideal for the family that fits vegetables and herbs into daily meals, this share contains the most variety (family of 4 $60/week).

$400 – Half Share – A half share fits the needs of a small family who eats most of their meals at home, or a family that is looking to supplement their menu with fresh vegetables and herbs (family of 2 $30/week).

$380 – Community Supported Share (CSS) – Members may purchase this share to provide a weekly share to local families in need.

Herb Shares- Whole or Half

Herbs include: French Tarragon, Rosemary, English & Lemon Thyme, Doublemint, Peppermint, Mojito Mint, Berggarten Sage, Dill, Cilantro,  Basil, Parsley, Chives, and Fennel.

$40- Full Share- Full share is ideal for the family that likes to drink fresh mojto’s, make pesto, and dry and preserve their herbs for future use.

$20-Half Share -A half share fits the needs of two people who eat most meals at home.

Egg Shares – Whole or Half

The fresh locally sourced hens eggs offered this year are not organic. That said, by purchasing an Egg Share you are helping support your local farm community. These fresh, wholesome eggs come from happy, healthy hens raised in sustainable methods with the highest standards in back yard flocks and small farms.

$75 – Full Egg Share, 1 dozen per week ($5/carton)

$37.50 – Half Egg Share, 1/2 dozen per week